Reducing Wasted Kitchen Space With Islands

Islands are undoubtedly replacing large tables as the focal point in many modern kitchens. They are both a functional and often very stylish feature that acts as a space to not only prep and cook food, but to also eat, drink and to socialise. You might think initially that adding an island right in the centre of your kitchen will take up room and generally make the kitchen feel reduced in size. This is often not the case, as a well designed island can save huge amounts of space. As both the work surface and storage space provided by the island may well remove the need for any additional cupboard space.

The design aspect of your island should be aesthetically pleasing and work alongside the style and décor of your kitchen. This is true if the island is being built as part of a complete renovation or if it’s an addition to your existing kitchen. Getting the basics right, like its height and width, and using complementary colours can add a depth and a point of interest to your kitchen and even though they may at first appear to take up more room, they can actually make your kitchen look and feel more spacious than before.

Before rushing off to select your island, it is imperative that you give consideration to both the shape and size of your kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how even the most functionally diverse spaces can include and benefit from a well designed island. As with any part of your kitchen an island should be designed around you and your families lifestyle. From its millimeter-perfect positioning, helping you to utilise the optimal use of your floor space no matter the shape and size, to its more functional side such as appliances and storage.

Akin to any modern/stylish furniture pieces, islands come in an array of different sizes and shapes. A well designed island adds both functionality and character to any kitchen, and don’t forget they have multiple purposes. Each island is designed specifically around how you and your family will want to use it. Many modern islands now come with integrated appliances, fridges, ovens and even hobs built in. Some also feature a kitchen sink, wine coolers, cabinets and full drawers.